Here at Lashing Out Studio & Level Aesthetics, we are a Bridal FAN FAVE! We offer many different services & treatments that accommodate Bridal needs, not just for the Bride, but for the Bridal party as well.

When it comes to beauty services, the first two things that pop into a bride’s head are Hair & Makeup, right? Well, we’ve got the Makeup portion covered by Owner Kristen Kane and Artist Jianna Petrilli and as for the Hair services, we’ve got a few different Vendors we can recommend if needed!

But, let’s be honest, there is so much more that goes into the big day than just Hair & Makeup. Here at LOS & LA we are fortunate enough to help our Brides with so many other aspects of their Beauty needs. Depending on the budget and what’s most important, we can map out a perfect plan to get any and all Brides looking and feeling their best on the big day, and we prefer to do it in a way where we offer great deals and savings!

That’s how the Bridal Beauty & Wellness Consult was created. Between packages, memberships, monthly promotions, our point system, and referral program, we offer so many different ways to save our Brides some money! We understand wedding planning is a HUGE expense so we really do make a valid effort to get you in for the services you want and need without breaking the bank. We also use this as an opportunity to help you plan out your services, making sure they’re booked appropriately time-wise. The week leading up to the wedding can be crazy so let us do the work for you and tell you when you should be scheduling your appointments with us.

Let’s Talk about Other Services and Why?
Skincare Treatments

Plain and simple, if your skin is in great condition, your makeup will look its absolute best! If you are struggling with more bothersome skin conditions (Rosacea, Active Acne, Post Acne Pigmentation, Aging skin, etc.), corrective skincare should be on your “Most Important” list. Obviously, if your concerns are more severe, you will need more corrective measures, but if you’re simply just trying to make some general improvements, maybe get in some relaxation while you’re at it, we can absolutely help you with that as well. This is where Consultations become imperative. We will discuss a plan for your skin during your Bridal Beauty & Wellness Consult, and depending on the situation, we may suggest beginning your skin journey with an In-person Skincare Consult or we may suggest just diving right into treatments. During a Skin Consult, we don’t just discuss your skin’s condition, we also discuss the products you’re using at home. Following your Consultation, we will then e-mail you a customized & detailed skincare routine within a few business days. Complimentary customized & detailed skincare routines are also provided through email with any treatment, so keep that in mind. With an at-home skincare routine in place, your skin will produce greater results by enhancing the productivity of your in-studio treatments. The goal is to obviously produce the healthiest version of your skin within your time frame and budget, but please do keep in mind, that financial and timing restraints will limit our capabilities when treating your skin.

Spray Tanning

First off, STOP TANNING IN THE BEDS! We all get it, tan skin makes everyone look better, but you can accomplish that with good quality spray tanning products and an experienced spray tan technician. We have been spray tanning men and women now for over two years and amongst them, were hundreds and hundreds of Brides! Everyone has been happy, and everyone has been able to accomplish tan and glowing skin without the risks associated with tanning beds. We use a brand called Aviva and their products are hypoallergenic, free of carcinogens/parabens/fragrances and there is an organic line of products from them that we carry as well. Aviva spray tans have eliminated all of the negative opinions associated with spray tanning. They do not smell, they do not rub off on your clothing (a big plus for someone wearing a beautiful white dress), they last longer than any other spray tan, and their color tones are absolutely stunning. YES, we can actually choose your spray tan color based on your natural skin tone, and the color you desire. Want a golden honey tan? We got you. Want a cinnamon brown tan? We got you. Want a chocolate caramel tan? We got you. The possibilities are endless! We suggest coming in for a trial run before the big day and maybe planning your trial spray around an event to kill two birds with one stone. This allows you to see if the leave-on time duration was perfect, or if you should maybe rinse sooner or more prolonged for the next spray. When booking your spray tan, you are sent a detailed Pre and Post-Care form to help keep things simple, and keep in mind, we also carry spray tanning retail products so that your Spray Tan looks perfect and lasts for as long as possible! If you have any spray tanning questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and speak with one of our spray tanning technicians!

Eyelash Extensions
Many Brides have shown up to their wedding with beautiful Lash Extensions and swear up and down that it was the best decision they ever made, but we have to be honest, they are not for every bride. Let’s talk about the pros and cons.


  • Lash Extensions should be applied before all of the events leading up to the big day. For example, the bachelorette party, bridal shower, food tasting, rehearsal dinner, dress fittings, and whatever else brides are partaking in these days! Lash extensions just make everything easier when it comes to feeling put together and ready to go! Also, by getting your Lash Extensions applied weeks or months before the wedding, you’re allowing yourself to figure out what lash style you really like. Countless times, Clients come in and show us pictures of what they want, and then over a few fills they end up with a completely different look.
  • Lash Extensions photograph so beautifully and make any and all pictures come out so much better. You’ll be so grateful that you decided to get Lash Extensions when you go back through your pictures leading up to the wedding.
  • Getting your lashes filled is actually extremely relaxing, something Brides don’t get to experience too much during the wedding planning process. Your eyes have to be closed, so it really forces you to shut down and let your mind take a break.


  • Some Makeup Artists really don’t like when their Brides have Lash Extensions on for the big day, because the look they’re aiming for requires strip lashes, which are usually very long, thick, and dramatic. Accomplishing the look they want with Lash Extensions can be difficult because they’re used to using a certain style of strip lashes, so we’ve had situations when Makeup Artists actually put strip lashes over the Lash Extensions which is a HUGE MISTAKE for the health of your natural lashes. So, before you do Lash Extensions, discuss it with your Makeup Artist. We’ve had Brides proceed through their weeks/months leading up to the wedding with Lash Extensions and then take them off before the big day so the Makeup Artist can apply her strip lashes. I will say, that strip lashes are only necessary for Makeup Artists when they are trying to accomplish a FULL glam styled makeup look, so if that isn’t the look you’re going for on the big day, then Lash Extensions on wedding day should not be an issue.


Brow Services:

Please, do not show up to your wedding without tamed brows.  Your Makeup Artist may cry. In terms of which services are best for you, that really depends on you. Sometimes a simple brow wax is all that’s needed, whereas some Brides go the extra mile and get Semi-Permanent tattooing for their brows. Then, there’s the in-between Bride who wants them tinted and/or laminated. A few weeks before the big day, schedule a brow appointment, something simple, and talk to your Brow Artist about what she thinks would be best for your brows on your wedding day.

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth Whitening is simple. Whiter teeth, brighter smile! Our Teeth Whitening options include a Level 1 and Level 2 option. Level 1 is the more popular considering it’s usually more than enough for most Clients. If you are a smoker though, and have significant discoloration, then Level 2 may be more suitable for you. Teeth Whitening is not painful and rarely will cause prolonged sensitivity afterward. Teeth and gums may be a little sensitive the day of whitening but are usually fine the next day. Because we’re only using a 16% hydrogen peroxide, it’s not as intense as the Teeth Whitening options you’ll find at the dentist. The downside to the lower percentage is you have to do multiple 20-minute rounds. So for example: A Level 1 Teeth Whitening session includes 2 20-minute sessions in one appointment. We’ll apply the whitening gel, have you sit under the whitening light for 20 minutes, and then have you rinse. After that, we repeat the whole process one more time. A level 2 Teeth Whitening Appointment includes 4 rounds. Our Teeth Whitening options are also a lot more affordable than the dentist. Our Level 1 is $125 and our Level 2 is $150.

How to save money

Referral Program

Our Referral Program is a great way to get $10 off for both you and a friend! These coupons can be stacked and do not expire. Referral coupons cannot be used to purchase products, packages, or gift cards and cannot be used on HydraFacials, Laser Services, or Makeup Services.




We sell packages for a number of different services! Our suggestion is to go to our booking site and view our list of Packages. We do this in our Bridal Beauty & Wellness Consult, but we always recommend looking over it at home in detail.

Point System

Points are given for each service you have done at the studio! Services $0-$49.99 earn 1 point, $50-$149.99 earn 2 points, and services $150+ earn 3 points! These points can be used to pay for add-on services like Brow Waxes, Dermaplaning, Jelly Masks, and more!

Monthly Promotions

Please make sure you check our Social Media pages for our monthly promotions! Every month we run specials on services at Lashing Out Studio & Level Aesthetics which are a great way to try new services you’ve been thinking about trying! Sometimes you may even get lucky and get a promo on something you already want done!

If you’ve made it this far and want to book a Bridal Beauty & Wellness Consult please head to our online booking system and book that with Kristen as soon as possible! The consults are free and will take a half hour of your time!

We look forward to seeing you and helping you look and feel your best on your Wedding Day!

-The Team at Lashing Out Studio & Level Aesthetics