Virtual Skincare Client Program

Our Virtual Skincare Client Program is for Men and Women around the world who are ready to take control and achieve the skin of their dreams.

The Virtual Skincare Client Program is simple and effective in improving all skin conditions such as Acne, aging skin, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, textured skin, and any compromised skin in general.

How does the process begin?

Click the link below to access our Virtual Skincare Client Program Intake form. Answer the questions thoroughly considering the more info we have, the better we can treat your skin.

Once this form is received, we will add you to our booking site, and send you a more thorough skincare form to fill out to ensure you’re a Virtual Skincare Client candidate, and a payment form to put a card on file.

Next Steps?

You will provide us with 3 photos of your skin (more details in form).

Once that second skincare form and payment form is received, card on file will be charged $50 and within 5 business days you will be sent a thorough email listing product recommendations and a routine describing how to use those products. We will also include product pricing and directions on how to purchase those products.

We will then reach out to schedule a 15 minute zoom call to go over the email and answer any and all questions you may have. Upon completion of that zoom call, we will charge the card on file for another $50 to cover any and all communication going forward. That charge will also cover your 4 week check-in zoom call which will take place 4 weeks from when you received all your products.

Check in zoom calls will occur every 4 weeks, and the card on file will be charged upon completion of your check-in zoom calls, to pay for your next check in zoom call.

This $50 covers the time of the zoom call, time spent making adjustments if needed and communication between check-ins.

All questions and communication in-between check ins must take place through email or text message.

It is recommended to complete at least 24 weeks of the program. You are not required to commit to a time duration on the program. The program is on a month to month basis.