DMK Clinical Skincare Treatments

A DMK enzyme treatment is designed to improve skin health by promoting healthy enzymatic activity within your skin. Enzymes are naturally found in our bodies and contribute significantly to skin health. The treatment involves applying specialized formulations that work to enhance the skin’s natural enzymatic processes, aiming to remove dead cells, toxins, and impurities. This exfoliation process can result in improved circulation, increased oxygenation, and better nutrient absorption for the skin. DMK enzyme treatments are known for their ability to address various skin concerns, including acne, fine lines, and pigmentation issues. The overall benefits include a smoother, clearer complexion and a revitalized skin appearance.

Not only does DMK treat the skin topically, DMK also masters the ability to address the functionality of the skin from the inside because what’s the point of treating surface layer skin conditions, when the root issue is still present? Right?

What is this “Plasmatic Effect” on the skin?

After application of DMK’s Enzyme Therapy, your own body temperature will activate the enzymatic action on and within the skin resulting in a dilation of capillaries (as shown in above photo).

Many clients are unsure when they see it on their skin for the first time but the benefits are just too good. This process will not only flush out clogged capillaries, but will strengthen veins – our main delivery system of oxygen and nutrients

The road map markings indicate a successful treatment, signaling that homeostasis (balanced extracellular fluids) has been accomplished. A necessity for healthy and functioning skin!

You can book an individual treatment or commit to a double treatment, our “Intro to DMK” that takes place 2-4 weeks apart from each other and includes free 30 days of take-home skincare products!

After you’ve been hooked (which we know you will be), you can either purchase Packages for a Level 1 or 2 DMK Treatment, or you can commit to a monthly DMK Level 1 membership. Unfortunately DMK Level 2 treatments are not included in our memberships.

To learn the difference between a Level 1 and 2 DMK Treatment, please call us at 845-604-1847 or email us at!

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