Meet The team

Level Aesthetics

Kristen Kane LE

Licensed Esthetician
Owner / No Hugs Allowed

Licensed Esthetician since 2015 and sometimes referred to as Lash Daddy. Started in the industry as a Makeup Artist, now owns 5 makeup products. Really good at cooking, with her very own cooking hashtag. Lives between a classic Type A and Type B personality, relies heavily on her notes app and may or may not compartmentalize her life in it. Talented and persistent, lacks in affection but makes up for it with laughter and reliability. You’ll either love her or love her because there’s just no other way.

Danielle Ferris LE

Licensed Esthetician
Full-Time Disney Princess

Licensed Esthetician since 2014 and often referred to as Danager the Manager! She’s the assigner of silly nicknames and just recently leveled up in life and purchased a yearly door dash pass. Enjoys a solid session of heart palpitations post energy drink consumption and loves trash tv. Her hands are the deliverers of relaxation and beautiful Artistry. She’s passionate about her career and making her clients feel beautiful and confident and may or may not threaten you if you talk badly about yourself.

Jianna Petrilli LC

Licensed Cosmetologist
The Vibey Naturalist

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2017, and Makeup Artist since 2015! She loves nature and fixes all her problems with essential oils. She’s tiny but fierce, has no fear of trying new things, and cherishes people with good energy. She will fixate on a food item, and eat it all month long. She will most likely have a crystal in her pocket, you know, just in case she needs to save the world. Jianna takes pride in her work, she’s super creative and goes over and beyond for her Clients!

Antonia Lopiccolo LE LC


Licensed in Cosmetology since 2015 and a Licensed Esthetician since 2017. There’s no mistaking Tonia’s presence because she’s loud. She’s Italian. She can’t help it. You can find her in the studio, usually covered in tint and her glasses hanging off her face (because they’re broken). She’s a jack of all trades, knowledgeable and experienced, except for Lash Extensions, she doesn’t have the attention span for it. Her words, not ours! She may or may not have a caffeine addiction (she absolutely does), and she is the warmest and friendliest loving human!

Noelle Denome MD NP


Noelle is one of the smartest and most driven Professionals we’ve encountered. She entered this industry with an open mind, and jumped in head first with us here at Lashing Out Studio & Level Aesthetics. We could not be more excited to have her alongside us as we enter the Medical side of Esthetics, offering some of the most effective methods of advanced treatments utilizing top quality products and equipment. Noelle is our missing link, connecting Kristen Kane’s (Owner) drive to this endless professional and medical world of enhancements. The future is bright for Noelle, and don’t worry… She’s also really cool like the rest of us. As always, good vibes, even when it comes to our Medical Director!

Taylor Tobin LC

The Go’er with the flow’er

Taylor is our newest addition but it feels like she’s been with us forever! She’s the baby of the family, but don’t let that hinder your impression of her professionalism. She is far beyond her years and was born for this industry. Just don’t let her come across a mirror, she will be forced to stare at it. I mean can we blame her? She’s a total cutie! In her spare time you can find her sleeping, or stranded somewhere because her car despises her or off hanging with friends and family. The future is bright for Miss Taylor and we are excited to watch it all unfold for her here at Lashing Out Studio & Level Aesthetics.


Chloe Ingrassia LE


Chloe is totally coffee obsessed, like the rest of us and somehow convinced us to install an entire coffee station in the spa. Jokes on her, now she makes us all coffees! She totally loves it though. In addition to her coffee making expertise, shes great at building furniture, loves wearing humongous jackets and quite possibly the easiest person to have a good laugh with. She has no idea what mercury in retrograde means, so don’t reference it to her, but she does know that mercury is in tuna fish. The girl can’t remember what she walked into a room for, but can memorize a skincare protocol and product ingredients like no ones business! We love Chloe and we are so happy to have her on the team. She came at a perfect time, jumped right into every training course assigned to her and is an extremely talented Esthetician!