Aerolase NEO Elite

The no pain, all gain skin renewal laser everyone is talking about around the world.

What makes Aerolase Neo Elite different from other devices? Lets talk Science.

○ Aerolase Neo’s 650 Microsecond Patented Technology

– High amounts of energy enter the skin in a very quick (650 microseconds), deep & focused

Manner preventing your body and mind to recognize pain!


○ Pulses pass through the epidermis 30-50 times faster than conventional 20-30 msec YAG lasers, avoiding the overheating of epidermal melanin and potential pain & pigmentary problems


○ .650 msec heats the target quicker than Thermal Relaxation Time of surrounding skin which is 0.8 msec


○ Less heat is conducted to surrounding skin tissue, thus more efficient destruction of target

(follicle, curled-up hair, sebaceous gland, etc.)


○ Multiple passes of laser energy are possible due to the safety and tolerability, resulting in more tissue response and higher treatment efficacy

Additional Perks of The Aerolase NEO Elite

Combination Therapy

Can Be Combined With Other Treatment In The Same Session which saves You The Hassle Of Having To Come Back In For Separate Treatments & Allows For Faster Results!

All Skin Types & Tanned Skin

Safe For Skin Types 4-6! Skin types Who haven’t had A Laser Option till now!

Gentle & Effective

No pain all gain! embraces a gentle yet effective approach, delicately addressing concerns while yielding remarkable results. 

No Downtime

Who has time for that? Our advanced techniques and non-invasive procedures ensure a seamless experience.

Quick Treatments

The treatment lasts about 20-30 mins, Lunchtime Laser Treatments, yup we said it!

Single Treatments VS Packages

One Treatment Can Act As A Temporary Band Aid Whereas The Full Treatment Plan Gives you The Actual Solution To the Problem. The severity of your skin condition will determine the estimated number of treatments needed, however there is a place for single treatments as well.


Not sure where to start? Book a consultation. Consultations are not necessary considering we will discuss all your questions at your first treatment appointment, but if a consultation beforehand eases your mind, please feel free to book that online! 

Financing Options

We are so excited to be partners with Care Credit, offering our Clients the opportunity to receive the treatments they want and need with a more affordable option. We do recommend that you apply for Care Credit BEFORE your arrival however it can also be applied for on the spot, and the account will be created and can be used that day.


Apply for Care Credit here